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Luciano Laratelli

2024-03-13 Setting up unattended access for our building's keypad
2024-03-12 I rewrote this site (again [again {again (again
2023-09-29 A mental health toolkit
2023-07-18 Task ordering
2023-01-12 Using CLJS and shadow-cljs for serverless DigitalOcean Functions
2022-04-19 Setting up mu4e with iCloud custom domains with Doom Emacs on Arch Linux
2021-04-04 Closing Pull Requests (and Issues) on Github Without Using Github's Web UI
2020-07-03 Generating LLVM IR For Classes Using LLVM's C++ API
2020-06-15 Generating Calls to scanf From LLVM IR
2020-06-03 Generating Calls to printf From LLVM IR
2018-07-19 Calculating System Velocities Using LAMMPS
2018-07-10 Calculating System Dipoles Using LAMMPS